About Us

Greetings, Human, and welcome to Armchair Alien.

In my neutrino-powered armchair I’ve traversed the ‘verse, roamed the cosmos and surfed the world wide web in search of scintillating, fastening, un-put-downable stories. And on the way I’ve found the good, the bad and the oh-sweet-spiralling-star-systems ugly.

How do mere humans find the good stuff? Trial and error? How much of your fleeting life do you not get back from that? I shudder to think.

Wielding our megagalatic articulfier, Armchair and I have come to your rescue by scientifically selecting a handful of great stories, page-turners that will pull you into their worlds of urban fantasy (Armchair’s favourite) and science fiction (my fave, natch).  And we will continue to use the power of our celestial technology to add to the collection on this site.

So, lucky human, sit back in your Earth armchair, relax, and enjoy!

Yours truly,

Armchair & Alien

PS: Armchair would also like to reassure you that, although the stories can get scary sometimes, the cat always survives.