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Armchair Alien

A Broken Fighter on Bloody Sands

A Broken Fighter on Bloody Sands

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Rule 68: Don’t accept a jewelled egg from a Rhombian.

Certainly not when you’re already trying to hock illicit goods … though are they really illicit if you found them on a long, lost treasure ship that you uncovered for a greedy gangster and calculating noble?

Having found the Celeste and escaped both death and imprisonment, the crew of the cargo ship Lyra just wants to get back to hauling bugs for unscrupulous harvesters so they can earn enough for food and fuel.

Unfortunately, the crew is missing one of its members..

Navigator Ishmael Damath is in the hands of gangster Ludovicus Visi after sacrificing himself for the safety of the others. Said gangster has given him the impossible task of translating an ancient book written in a long-dead language. If Ish doesn’t translate it, he’ll be thrown to the tigers … too bad he didn’t pay more attention in school.

The crew suspects Ish didn’t go with the gangster entirely willingly. They plan to rescue him … but that’s hard to do when they have no money and no idea where he is.

Captain Rebeka Mino is no closer to her plan to retire to a quiet planet where she can drink whiskey and read romance novels all day. Especially since her estranged daughter, Juniper, seems to be mixed up with the Celeste.

Alek finds himself facing a return to a planet he recently escaped from and had hoped never to see again … and he’s still in debt to those who helped him escape.

And to launch any sort of rescue, daring or otherwise, Tink is faced with the daunting choice: her home or her family.

Can they rescue Ish from the gangster’s clutches? Can they survive the sands of Thraxa? And, most importantly, can they deal with an angry Grim?

Find out now as the adventures of the Lyra and her crew continue!
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