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Armchair Alien

A Demon of Midwinter

A Demon of Midwinter

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A troubled human. A lonely vampire. A voracious demon.
Rhys Baines knew his life story: go to university then join the ministry, where he could continue to read the history and philosophy that he loved, with a side of science. But now he's not so certain. Questions already gnaw at his stomach after the death of his best friend...his only friend. Then he meets a handsome stranger. 

Darius has a secret. And it isn't whatever is in the runes on the parchment he holds. He's a vampire on the hunt, and he needs the arcane writing translated to help his lonely quest. When he stumbles upon Rhys, he finds an answer — someone who can help with the runes and the loneliness...if he lets him. 

But an insatiable demon stalks the nighttime streets of Oxford. And it has Rhys' scent. Can they overcome their differences to solve the riddle and find the demon before it kills again?

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