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Armchair Alien

A Warrior on a Harsh World

A Warrior on a Harsh World

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Obedience to the Matriarch and loyalty to your cohort — the two most important rules for any Antaran brigadeer.

But Kandira Sakherani finds herself questioning her society's strict rules and rigid structures when her brother is sent home from a Dominion university, seeming unhinged.

Kandi is glad to have her brother home, but she soon discovers the extent to which the Matriarchy will go to maintain its grip on power. Driven by a determination to save her beloved brother from the women who want to silence his heresy, she finds herself torn between her loyalty to the Brigade and her fierce devotion to her sibling, regardless of his ravings.

Going against her mother's wishes, she embarks on a perilous quest that challenges the very foundation of society. With both her and her brother now in jeopardy, she tries to navigate a hostile city she rarely ventures into when she's not putting down riots. And slowly she starts to see the truth hidden in her brother's supposed madness. 

With each step she takes, her mother and the Brigade seem two steps closer. In a race against stime, she strives to get her brother off planet, into the care he so desperately needs.

Join Kandi on her daring odyssey as she defies the constraints of her matriarchal society, fighting not only for her brother's freedom but also for her own.

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