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Armchair Alien

Bloodborne Pathogens Box Set

Bloodborne Pathogens Box Set

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One look across the dance floor. One stranger invited home. One playful bite too many.
It's just supposed to be a night out for a bit of fun. But one thing leads to another. And Mina Sun's life is changed forever.

When Mina wakes up, all she wants is to get through the day - her uni classes and a shift at the tattoo shop - but she's plagued by a wicked headache and an unusual hunger.

While she struggles to keep her life together, she realizes something is terribly wrong. It's only when she's cornered by a tenacious vampire that she comes face to face with just how wrong. Awakened to a world she never knew existed, she finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient battle. And both sides want a piece of her.

As Mina struggles to adapt to her new life, a new threat arises – part terrifying myth, part half-forgotten legend. An ancient creature that jeopardizes a precarious ceasefire between the warring vampire factions, and puts everything she loves – her city, her family, her friends – in danger.

Can Mina protect them from the darkness that's descending, and can she save herself?
Find out now in the complete Bloodborne Pathogens series!

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