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Armchair Alien

Day 115 on an Alien World - Settler Chronicles Book 1

Day 115 on an Alien World - Settler Chronicles Book 1

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A barren world. A crashed colony ship. A saboteur at work.

Fifty colonists set out to make a new world their home. Now, a saboteur threatens everything. Someone must survive to call for help.


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After a tarnished military record leaves her unable to find work on Earth,
Margo is hunting for a fresh start. A colonizing mission heading to a
new world creates the perfect opportunity—or at least that’s what
she thinks.

Strapped into a crashing colony ship, she realizes how wrong she is.

On the ground of their destination planet, the straight forward
colonizing mission becomes a scramble for survival. Her new world is
harsh and unforgiving. Accidents keep happening. Too many to blame on
bad luck alone. The trail of evidence leads Margo to a startling
conclusion—one of her fellow colonists is a saboteur.

Tomorrow is the colony’s first communications window with Earth and their
only chance to send a message home.

With the fate of the colony at stake, will Margo stop the saboteur before
it’s too late?

This is the first book in the action-packed, four book scifi Settler
Chronicles series. If you liked The Expanse series or The Martian,
you’ll love this book.


  • Book was science fiction, but more importantly it was about people. The way they react under stress and love was evident

    - Grandbumpy - Amazon Review

  • This book was written in a way that everything seemed to really be capable
    of happening. The title tells you that this is a science fiction story
    and the setting is on an alien planet. I loved the idea of colonizing a
    planet and was actually sorry that someone wanted to sabotage this
    effort. The characters are good, the language fairly mild, and the plot
    exciting. What more is there is a great story?

    - Dinky Deb - Amazon Review

  • The book starts on day 115 and then goes back to the beginning via a
    journal to show you how they got there. A straightforward colonising
    mission betrayed at every turn. I didn't want to put it down. Highly

    - Ann Marie - Amazon Review