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Armchair Alien

Far Side of the Moon - Settler Chronicles Book 2

Far Side of the Moon - Settler Chronicles Book 2

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Margo Murphy is running out of time in a borrowed body.

Last night, Margo and her fellow colonists survived The Conglomerate's efforts to destroy them. Now all she wants is to build a peaceful life away from the corporate monopoly dominating Earth. But a virus has infected the colony's AI, threatening their life support.

The virus is only a symptom of a deeper evil, the culmination of a cold war conducted in secrecy for almost two centuries reaches its zenith in an enigmatic boy, abandoned to die on their world.

To purge the virus, save the boy and protect the colony, Margo needs information from The Conglomerate's headquarters orbiting Earth, but she's in another solar system without a spaceship. Her only option is an experimental technology to project her mind across the galaxy.

Will Margo gain access The Conglomerate’s secrets to save her world, or will her mind be lost forever in the cold void of space?
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