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Armchair Alien

Hope is the Thing With Feathers

Hope is the Thing With Feathers

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An airship. A message. A stowaway.

On the floating islands of New Venus, humans have lived for centuries. From far above the planet's surface, they mine the mineral-rich atmosphere, yet they know little about the opaque atmosphere below.

When Stella's father is given the opportunity to join the first scientific mission to descend down and explore the surface, he has to go—it's an honour he would never refuse. He joins the mission, promising Stella that he'll send a message from the surface far below—but that message never comes. The airship crashes, all onboard are lost.

Now, five years later, Stella is consumed by the desire to uncover the truth about her father's disappearance when she hears that another airship, the Minke, is attempting the perilous descent. She stows away on the ship, determined to reach the wreckage of her father's ship and find the message he promised to send.

As she descends towards New Venus' core, Stella begins to uncover secrets about her father's disappearance and the true nature of the world she's lived on for most of her life. She must ultimately decide what she's willing to risk to find her father and his missing message.

What happens on the Minke will change Stella's life forever.

Do you dare to descend into the heart of New Venus?

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