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Armchair Alien

Lunar Escape - Settler Chronicles Prequel

Lunar Escape - Settler Chronicles Prequel

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An asteroid hurling towards Earth harbors a secret.

After years of captaining a cramped, Conglomerate owned survey ship, Lucas Ordaz is ready to retire and live his dream life on solid ground beside the love of his life. There’s just one last mission: before Earth’s defenses obliterate the asteroid, Lucas needs to shuttle a scientist out to study it.

The scientist’s ambitions are set on fire when they discover a potentially alien object on the asteroid. She forces the reluctant crew to attempt bringing it aboard, and chaos ensues.

Lucas wakes up in an abandoned lunar mining facility, without a clue of what that object was or who he can trust. Most importantly, he has to find a way to make it home.

This fast paced, action-packed science fiction novella is the prequel to the Settler Chronicles series.

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