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Armchair Alien

Subject 34 - Encoded Orbits Book 3

Subject 34 - Encoded Orbits Book 3

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In the conclusion to the Encoded Orbits trilogy, Veena and Hwicce Oswiu take refuge aboard an inherited water tanker while their daughter, Molly, remains ensnared in the sinister clutches of General Swa's clandestine military operation.

Armed with enigmatic alien technology, Veena and Hwicce forge alliances with former adversaries and unexpected allies, as they plan their daring rescue mission.

Their odyssey unfurls in this high-voltage adventure. Pursued by General Swa, they're propelled through a cosmic tapestry of discovery and danger, hurtling from the gleaming depths of water worlds to the desolate expanses of remote moons to the hollowed-out caverns of drifting asteroids.

As they decipher cryptic clues, alliances blur forcing Veena and Hwicce to confront the loose ends of their past in a race against time to save their little girl.

Read the riveting conclusion of the Encoded Orbits trilogy today.

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