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Armchair Alien

The Alien Algorithm - Encoded Orbits Book 2

The Alien Algorithm - Encoded Orbits Book 2

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Veena will let nothing stand in her way to get her daughter back.

Seven-year-old Molly has been snatched from her and dragged off to a secret military lab. Veena's clues have dried up, and now she's on the run. While fleeing, she stumbles upon an alien technology that could change everything, or at least give her a bargaining chip to trade for her daughter's freedom with—if only she could figure out how to make it work.

But first she needs to rescue her husband. At least she knows where he is now...sort of. Trapped in a cave somewhere on a planet of inedible moss inhabited by a group of reclusive, unwelcoming Luddites.

Chasing sparse clues, Veena and her crew race through a secret underground city, a run-down space station, across a glittering collection of floating islands and out into the void of deep space—all with a bounty hunter hot on their tail.

Can she figure out how to use the alien technology before it's too late? Is it the answer to getting her daughter back?

Find out in this race-across-the-galaxy sequel to Fractured Orbits.

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