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Armchair Alien

The Alien Artifact - Settler Chronicles Book 4

The Alien Artifact - Settler Chronicles Book 4

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In the action-packed series finale, Margo Murphy is on the warpath.

Life on Thesan is stable, almost ordinary - just what Margo wants. She thinks the colony's challenges are behind them. She thinks it is time to start building her life with her husband, Gary. But her biggest challenge is yet to come.

The colony needs an income, and the rich deposits of minerals on the planet's surface offer a solution. But when the eagerly-anticipated mining ship arrives, Margo suspects it has a hidden agenda. Nigel West is still out there, and the colony he’s tried and failed to destroy now also harbours rebels that his Conglomerate would love to get their hands on.

When the mining ship reveals its evil plans and kidnaps two of the colonists, Margo leads the team to get them back. Outgunned, outnumbered, and out of time, they attack the invaders in normal and virtual space in an attempt to rescue their people. But is it enough?

Fighting in a last-ditch effort to save her fellow colonists, her family and now the future of humanity, Margo has to win…and all she has is a sledgehammer and her wits.
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